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    Morning Crankers is the new edge of your seat comedy, culture, entertainment, news morning show. We tackle the stories of the day, political, weird, odd and funny with a veracity only Jeremy Hanson "HANS" and "GRED" Dan Baker can do!! Join us for comedy, useless knowledge, truth and American blue collar perspective every 9 am central Mon - Fri. Get ready to laugh, cringe, smile and prepare for your day with the new all star morning show "Morning Crankers"!!!!!!

    Morning Crankers one of the fastest growing morning shows on the planet. Its mix of comedy, intellect, fun and facts combined with stories of the day give you a new point of view on life. Jeremy Hanson "Hans" and Dan Baker "Gred" present things in a pro American, common sense and hilarious way only they can pull off. Come watch and enjoy Morning Crankers.
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    The Daily Breakdown

    The #DailyBreakdown with Aaron Barker are short, direct breakdowns of the day's viral and important news. Get informed, inspired, and educated on ways to save our Republic with a strong foundation built on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.