Liberty Warrior

Who are Liberty Warriors?

Liberty=the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on ones way of life, behavior, or political views. 

Warrior=a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

Nation=a large body of people united by common decent, history, culture, or language inhabited by country or particular territory.

We believe that GOD has given us inalienable rights protected by the constitution in pursuit of happiness and that no government entity shall infringe upon it, nor do we need their permission. 

When tyranny becomes law rebellion becomes duty.

I will not comply.



Growing Affiliates worldwide who share common goals  

· Sense of urgency to the movement

· Optimism

· Faithful

· Courageous

· Teacher’s Heart to educate with kindness


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Arise sleeping giant
Awake from your dreams
It is time to learn the truth
The world is not what it seems

Rub the sleep from your eyes
Stay focused on the light
Do it slowly, but be quick
We need you in the fight

There are stories to be told
You may not want to hear
But you will be alright
We have many soldiers here

To support you and to guide you
To be there as your friend
Through patience and in love
With unending time to spend 

There are lies, pain, and torture
Things you never thought to see
Join the journey and rise up
To keep our country free

Put away your fear
Walk in strength and faith
Research and disern
The lord will keep you safe

Time is running short
To destroy evils mighty grip
Be brave, do not fear
We will not surrender ship 

Become a warrior of liberty
For your freedom, for mine
Join the battle - for all children
Stand strong - hold the line

Kim Young

By Liberty Warrior