Understanding the Signs of the Times


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Steven P. and Esther W. Hollings will key into clues found about our current times discovered in root words as well as numerical and historical patterns. Listen in as they decode some of the confusion that reigns in our social realm with a far-reaching implication! Their knowledge and expertise will connect the current political and spiritual climate as well as connect the past and future in a prophetic timeline.

This power couple has spent decades building up their credentials in both the public eye and faith community:

--Steven has a background as an accomplished engineer, mathematician, and expert in applied sciences. For the last fourth-seven years, Hollings has been working with General Motors, and is a key figure in the Auto Development Engineering team. With such a diverse background, Steven can bring a brilliant prospective of numerical revelance to the hot topics of today and bypass social barriers. He is an expert on ancient and historical writings, including our current version of the Bible. Our guest also volunteers in a pastoral capacity.--

--Esther is an award-winning television journalist. In 1983, she received honors from United Press Int'l, the associated press and the Detroit Press Club Foundation. Hollings worked for six years as a Television News Journalist and fill in anchor in Grand Rapids MI. She worked for six years as a radio news reporter, anchor and talk show host. Esther graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit, earning a degree in Journalism and Mass media. She graduated from Birmingham Bible Institute and attended Ashland theological seminary in pursuit of a Master of Divinity. Mrs. Hollings is an anointed teacher, preacher and worship leader.--


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