A Major Insight Into Brain Health, With David Rivas (davidrivas.com)


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Brain malfunctions have been skyrocketing in our youth, but can some of this pain be avoided? What if there were some simple yet vital nutrients that could help reverse or even vastly improve the lives of the entire family that deals with one of the members mental struggles?  Join our soul medic, Dr. K, as she hosts retired pharmacist, and author of “Resilient Brain,” David Rivas! Listen as David shares his experience of dealing with a severely autistic child, and his very practical lessons that have led to an amazing turn around, effecting everyone in his family!  Kristi and David connect through a collective group that study, and are certified in, brain health. David shares some of nature’s components that moved his son from a state of non-functional to a productive youth after years of traditional therapeutic failures!  

About David Rivas:

David Rivas is a parent who removed many barriers to his son’s autism using nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes. His book Resilient Brain chronicles the journey of David and his family, as he devoted over a decade to studying nutrition and the vital role it plays in improving the symptoms of autism.  His nutrition strategies and natural treatments helped his son make dramatic behavior benefits and academically do well in school. David has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States in Portland and has been a registered pharmacist for over twenty years.  In addition, he lectured a nutrition class at LUMSA University in Italy, and his book Resilient Brain has been translated into multiple languages.  

You can find more about him at www.nuterel.com or www.davidrivas.com


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