An interview with Clay Clark, Organizer of ReAwaken America Tour


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Today I'm talking to Clay Clark, who most of you will know, but if you don't, I'll catch you up. Clay was named Oklahoma's young entrepreneur of the year in 2007; he's the author of 13 books and is an award-winning entertainer, educator, and speaker. We're talking about how in July 2020, Clay was sent a Kim Clement prophecy, and the person who sent it thought Kim was talking about Clay. Within an hour of watching that prophecy, he was invited by the Trump administration to attend an event at the White House; Then he was invited to go onto One America News; then Newsweek reached out and asked him to go on their show. Find out about the Re-open America Tour, taking the Re-Awaken America tour to a locked downstate, and more on today's broadcast.

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