How High and Low Points Shape Your Identity


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The layers of belief start with Core Convictions. These convictions often tint our perspective of the world or, put another way, they skew the way in which we interpret what happens to us. Above our convictions are our Beliefs. Beliefs can change more easily than core convictions but only through multiple experiences. The top layer (and the easiest to sway) is Opinion. These are the three layers of belief and that’s just where this episode starts! Tune in to Level 10 Living every Saturday! #UnlockingYourStory #Convergence #Belief alternate: What if your personal history-- the good and bad points, the high and low points-- were not just a random series of unrelated events? What if they were instead shaping you into who you are today? In this powerful episode, Lance discusses how our identity is shaped by both high and low points, and how that shapes our belief system. Learn more at (and don't forget to use the code PODCAST to save 20%.)

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