“The Fabric of Our Heritage Lays in Understanding Covenant”


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Join us on The Soul Connection, as our Soul Doctor, Dr. K welcomes her esteemed guest Jerry Perera, cofounder of the Leyden Preservation Group from Plymouth, MA. Our discussion in this episode is crucial to understand our identity as a “Nation Under God”. If you have ever wonder what is missing from our textbook history, it is this- the SPIRITUAL connection!  Our expert’s breakdown the subject of Covenant Territory, Blood Covenants, and the Written Covenant as well as the spiritual battle at hand. It is stated in scripture that “we fight not against flesh and blood, but wickedness in high places,” so as descendants of the blessings rightly reserved to the Covenant Keepers of this nation, Let the Warriors Arise!  Also joining the broadcast is Bonnie Nye, a scholar of blood covenants as she shares the binding and sacred nature of these covenants.

--Jerry Perera, a native of Sri Lanka came to America seeking the freedom and opportunity afforded to her citizens.  He met a deeply patriotic woman, Beth, married and together they founded this foundation known as The Leyden Preservation Group. The Group’s goal is to preserve historical sites that foster greater understanding of the unique American Identity which began in the experience of the Pilgrim Fathers and the settlement of Plymouth in 1620.  They provide resources through media, guided tours and seminars to educate on religious liberties for students and adults.  Jerry has extended knowledge of the covenants of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.--

--Bonnie was raised in Ohio and earned an Associate degree in Computer Technology from Kent State University.  As scholar and minister of the Word of God, she believes the Bible holds patterns and clues about navigating this life on earth successfully.  Understanding and implementing those God-given patterns will provide the stability and knowledge to be an overcomer in all areas of life.  Her book, Blood Covenant, is available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.  

She is a Certified Brain Coach through The Amen Clinic and is involved with the Hello Brain series provided by Soulconnectionusa.  She believes that brain health can be achieved through proper care of the brain with healthy nutrition, exercise of body and mind, and the correct supplements.--


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