Ep 32 - Synn GC | W. Hollywood, CA - "Flashdance" - Ventilators Dumped, NIH's Wuhan Lab Funding


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BCP, Ep 32 - Synn GC | W. Hollywood, CA - "Flashdance"

Leave it to Cutter and Jake to end up at Synn Gentleman's Club in West Hollywood...when it's CLOSED!!! That's what we call, "Keepin' it PG", as they sit in the interior location of 'The Zanzibar Strip Club' from the movie "Flashdance". Lots of in-depth music story-time from Cutter, as well as banter about Wuhan Lab Funding, thrown-away ventilators, and even (believe it or not) a thumbs-up to Lithuania...join us!

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