Ep 203 - Lambertville Station | Lambertville, NJ - "Gladiator" - Rome 2.0


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Despite an onslaught of Cutterisms, we visit the movie 'Gladiator', and discuss its overwhelming theme...betrayal. Not a day goes by as of late, where we don't witness it first hand. From the USPS enabling the federal government to rig elections, to our State Department spending millions to free an America-hating WNBA basketball star because she's LGBTQ, the corrupt political class sells our principles down the river for division and power, a lot like the Romans did centuries ago. Also, farewell to Nichelle Nichols and legendary NBA icon, Bill Russell, who blazed a trail for freedom that today's race hustlers disgustingly sacrifice for profit, self-promotion, and, yes, the inevitable regression right back to slavery.

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