The Endgame 060722 - The Public's Perception of Itself


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In today's episode:

Ted Cruz mentions the intentionally forgotten past of the Democrat Communist Party's support for the KKK and Jim Crow

Elon Musk threatens to withdraw from the Twitter deal if Twitter will not release information about the size of the bot population

Texas AG Ken Paxton launches an investigation into the Twitter bot population on behalf of Texas consumers and businesses affected by their manipulation

The Federalist gives a perfect example of bot armies on Twitter pushing false narratives on behalf of Democrats

How bots (and fraudulent elections) distort the American public's view of itself

The CDC recommends masks for monkeypox, a disease that spreads through physical contact with lesions, and then removes its guidance within hours

The DHS defines everything it doesn't like as terrorism and then describes the grave threat posed by people the DHS doesn't like.


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