Dr. Eric Nepute: Getting Back to Wellness- Interview!


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Dr. Eric Nepute, the man so dangerous to the narrative, the powers that be have done everything they could do censor and gag the healing truths he’s given to millions of people around the world. Unfortunately for them, it’s too late. #DoctorNepute joined us this week to tell us the latest about everything he and his team are doing to WIN this battle for truth. "If God is for you, the devil can't do anything but sit around and complain about it."~ Dr. E #Covidtreatments #bioweapon 
Link to 1,200 studies mentioned by Dr. E: https://c19early.com/
Read More plus LINKS! https://www.resistancechicks.com/news/dr-eric-nepute-getting-back-to-we…
You can purchase several types of supplements from Dr. Nepute’s Wellness Warrior site https://www.ericnepute.com/ and his Hapinss.com . His website RealTalkWithDrE.com has a host or resources including his podcast, Real Talk with Dr. Eric Nepute, and other programs on his radio station.

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