Arizona Ignites Medical Freedom Fight, With Sen. Nancy Barto & Jeff Zink


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LET FREEDOM RING! Join Dr K, our Soul Doctor, as she hosts two highly influential figures in the fight to maintain HEALTH choices, rights, and freedoms!  Our first policy influencer is Senator Nancy Barto, a champion for patient rights and protector of the principle of freedom for the state of Arizona!  Arizona has been a refuge for natural health options and leading a charge against a heartless system that has used a national emergency to remove rights, choices and family advocacy for our loved ones. 

Our second contributor, Jeff Zink, is on the ballot to battle for a Congressional seat to fight on a national level for all the Constitutional Rights under attack.  Zink, our “Cowboy for Congress,” became highly motivated from his service as an “observer” of the Arizona audit, and shares what he is allowed to share on that subject as it directly impacts our God-given freedom to express the pursuit of care outside a monopolized medical system with more non-invasive or chemical health solutions.

To see the Bills of Senator Barto, go to our website “” click on Guest and open tab Guest Documents.

About Nancy Barto:

Senator Nancy Barto, of the Phoenix area, serves District 4 in the Legislature as a conservative fighter for our values. She has seen firsthand how our freedoms can erode as the Council of the City of Phoenix passed an ordinance threatening First Amendment free speech rights. Senator Barto stood up and challenged the city’s unconstitutional actions all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court – and won! Through this she learned that every generation must cherish and contend for our Constitutional liberties. 

About Jeff Zink:

Congressional candidate Jeff Zink has a long history of work in sports medicine for national sports figures and teaching his knowledge in college courses.  Zink has been laboring in the field toward an America First vision and is considered a Conservative Constitutional Republican.  Currently Zink holds the title of being the only candidate that observed the entire audit that Arizona recently concluded.  As an ordained minister and devout patriot, this candidate’s pledge contains an oath to “never sell out to special interests” as he aims to represent similar legislation as the honorable Senator Barto has fought for within this freedom fighting state.



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