A Prophetic Warning | Turbulent Times Are Ahead!

What do you need to know and do to be prepared for turbulent times that lie ahead?

Many are focused and pay attention to how God is moving. But there are others who, in the stillness, have become bored. They have let down their guard, thus being unprepared in this season.

The Father is taking a righteous remnant into a better place. There will be those who stand in unwavering, uncompromised faith during this turbulent time. They will repent, and He will reset and revive them. They will ride upon His glory!

During this turbulent time, He will also will uncover that which has been covered by mud, muck, and mire. His glory is about to reveal what has been hidden beneath the still waters.

We get to choose our position for the “breaking dam” that is about to happen.

He is inviting you to put on your armor and be prepared. Know how to be positioned for the breakthrough…


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