"300 Days of Captivity as a Political POW With Master Sgt. Jeremy Brown"


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Join our Soul Doctor as she hosts retired Master Sergeant Jeremy Brown, and campaign manger and author of Rules For Deplorables, Cathi Chamberlain! Have you have heard of a POLITICAL POW in the USA? This shocking story features a man with distinct military honors and service, as well as candidate to represent in Florida, now held in captivity for 300 days. In this interview our guests share the plight of this retired war hero that would not sell out for comfort or easy in order to show America what is transpiring right before our eyes! No matter if you are left or right leaning in political opinions, one thing is certain, do we accept a government that can destroy its citizens that may not agree with the current operations of the party in power at that time? That could make ANYONE a target by objecting to a “mainstream” narrative. This is a must listen story for every American!

About Sgt. Jeremy Brown

Jeremy has served his community and country his entire life, from being a Volunteer Firefighter and EMT to a twenty-year military career serving in the US Army’s Elite Special Operations Community with the 1st Ranger Battalion. He has served in three different Special Forces Groups (1st, 7th, & 5th) and Special Operations Command-Central (SOCCENT). This career has taken him to seventeen countries on five of the seven continents including numerous combat tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, and “non-declared” combat environments and been awarded 2 Bronze Stars.

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