Will Your Vote Count in the Next Election?

Will Your Vote Count in the Next Election?

Given current reports of Joe Biden’s drop in the polls, it would appear that we are headed for an election season of change. No doubt, we probably are all buzzing with hopeful optimism at the prospect of voting out of office some of the politicians who have shown themselves to be autocratic overlords during the current reign of Biden’s regime. In light of the unanswered questions and allegations stemming from the 2020 elections, we must also ask: “Will my vote count in the next election?”

Despite hopes that our votes will be counted in a free and fair election, we need only to look at the California recall election of Gavin Newsome to see the challenges ahead. According to a Town Hall article, “police found hundreds of recall ballots and multiple drivers licenses in a felon’s car and many voters were told that they had already voted.” It appears quite obvious that without accountability for illegal voting tactics, our voting system will continue to be plagued by massive acts of fraud.

With the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election just ahead, what hurdles do we face in pursuit of a free and fair election process? The Democrats have developed a massive machinery of allies who now appear to validate their election tactics. Referencing these allies, an AG article entitled “Your Vote Won’t Count” noted: “They discovered unexpected allies in three vital places: First, the courts, including the Supreme Court, refused to hear a single case of election fraud on the merits. They dismissed all the cases for lack of evidence or standing, which was much safer than letting the plaintiffs present their evidence in court.

Second, the Department of Justice was happy to say they’d found no evidence of election fraud, without drawing attention to the fact they hadn’t been looking. They had to be dragged kicking and screaming to any investigation at all: How many of you are aware that it was the relentless pressure of private citizens in Yuma, Arizona, who provided photographic evidence that the Justice Department couldn’t ignore, which led to indictments (so far two public) for vote fraud in the 2020 election? But even as the government was forced to charge the little people who were getting paid to collect ballots and cast them illegally, they assiduously refused to investigate where that money came from. Perhaps it came from a well-funded cabal of powerful people? 

But third, and most important by far, the thing that ultimately renders our elections meaningless is people like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. They are the most important allies in the conspiracy to steal our elections, precisely because we expect them to be fighting on our side. Fraudulent elections cost Republicans seats—cost Republicans the presidency—so why wouldn’t the most powerful people in the Republican Party be fighting just as hard as they could to expose fraud and pass laws requiring in-person voting with ID?

With such a massive conglomerate of autocrat overlords allegedly manipulating our voting system, is it time to declare a Constitutional Convention to restore our elections to the original format: voting on election day and in-person?

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