What Happens When Someone Mails In A Ballot In Your Name??

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It's spring of 2022 and someone knocks on your door. You open the door and speak to a citizen canvasser who is wanting to check with you on how you voted in the 2020 General Election. The records show that you sent in a Vote By Mail ballot. The citizen canvasser wants to verify that you voted by mail in 2020. Astounded, you reply "I did not vote in that election".

What happens next is amazing.....

We will see what happens when a concerned citizen canvasser reports irregularities about voter's ballots that are being cast by someone else. What should they do? Report the issues to the proper authorities is what they feel they should do. What will the outcome be when they do report the issues?  Here is a story that is not finished yet, but we we will tell you what has happened so far............

The Illinois Freedom Alliance Organization  (WWW.Illinoisfreedomalliance.us ) has been looking into anomalies in the votes of the citizens in Rock Island County, Illinois.  Their Lead Canvasser Laura Williams  found some voters who stated they did not vote in the 2020 General Election. Yet a ballot was cast in their name. Laura spoke with 3 citizens that showed they had voted, but state that they did not, and she asked for more details. When finished talking with the 3 citizens Laura, with the help of the citizens, wrote up 3 incident reports identifying that the 3 citizens had received a ballot application but disposed of the applications. Yet all 3 citizens had a mailed in Vote by Mail Ballot submitted in their name.

Laura did the right thing, she took the written statements to the Rock Island County States Attorney's office to file a complaint. Upon reporting the complaint, Laura was directed to report the issues to the Rock Island Sheriff's department.

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This is an snippet from Rock Island County Sheriff's Case CO22-05848

On 08/23/2022, I (Deputy Ott) was assigned court house security, when I was approached by complaint, Laura Williams who wished to report a deceptive practice incident. Williams stated she just spoken to someone in the States Attorney's office where it was suggested she file a complaint with the Sheriff's office. Williams explained that she was a member of the Illinois Freedom Alliance who was representing three individuals in cases of voter fraud. Williams then presented me with three pieces of paper titled Citizen Incident Statement.

The Rock island County Sheriff's investigation report states that all 3 citizens did receive a Vote by Mail application. All 3 of the citizens stated that the applications they received  by them were disposed of. 2 of the applications went into the trash and the 3rd was burned in a trash barrel. The Sheriff's department concluded that this Vote by Mail issue appeared to be valid and referred the investigation to the Rock Island County States Attorney's office.

The Rock Island County Sheriff's report states that the investigation that was given to the Rock Island County States Attorney office. The report also states that the investigation was then referred to the Illinois Attorney General's office for follow up.

What will the become of this investigation? 

We will have to wait and see.......

Hopefully something will be done about people voting for others.