‘We are Starving to Death’: Shanghai Residents Under Lockdown Shout at Visiting Vice Premier

Chinese vice premier Sun Chunlan visited Shanghai in early April 2022 when the city was in COVID-19 lockdown. (Screenshot by The Epoch Times)

When Sun Chunlan, a vice premier of the Chinese regime, visited Shanghai earlier this week, where tens of millions are under COVID-19 lockdown, she was greeted by residents shouting from their apartment windows: “There is no food left!” and “We are starving to death!”

Sun was accompanied by a swarm of local officials, cameramen, several vans with black tinted windows, and police vehicles. Yet the streets were empty. The residents could only view the envoy from their own apartments. Some were brave enough to shout from their windows or balconies. Someone called out to the officials, “Can you arrange some vegetables to be sent over?”

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