Voter Suppression Takes A New Turn in Georgia Thanks to Kemp and Friends


WSB in Atlanta, Georgia is refusing to allow Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Kandiss Taylor to participate in a gubernatorial debate of candidates they are hosting in April in which only Brian Kemp and David Perdue are allowed to participate, citing reference to specific poll statistics. They argue that she cannot participate because she is polling too low in said poll, and yet she was not actually included in that poll in the first place. So, she cannot participate because she did not poll highly enough in a poll that excluded her altogether. Let that sink in for a minute.

WSB has gone so far as to shut down their phone lines (404-897-7000) to prevent people from being able to call the station to demand that Kandiss Taylor be able to participate in the debate.

Popular poll organizations like Crowd Wisdom, FiveThirtyEight, and even Fox News have excluded the grassroots candidate Kandiss Taylor from their polls altogether. has not even bothered to update its polling data to reflect that there are only three Republican contenders. Why would they exclude one candidate in a field of three? It is a valid argument to suppose that the reason is that she is actually polling higher than both of Kemp and Perdue—she was before Vernon Jones dropped out of the race. If you control the media, then you control the narrative. You also control the polls. This is absolutely true in the state of Georgia.


One of the primary news sources in Georgia is WSB-Atlanta owned by Cox Enterprises/Cox Media. According to the investigative journalism of the  Stew Peters Show, Cox Enterprises also owns the Atlanta Journal & Constitution. Sandy Schwartz sits on the Board of Directors of Rivian and personally owns stock in Riveon Automotive, Inc. Cox Media supplies services to Rivian and owns a 4.7% stake of Rivian. George Soros is the primary investor in Rivian, for which Governor Kemp has pursued suspending EPA regulations to accommodate construction and operation.

According to "In September 2019, Rivian announced their partnership with Cox Automotive. 'We are building a Rivian ownership experience that matches the care and consideration that go into our vehicles,' said RJ Scaringe, founder and CEO of popular Rivian.  'Cox Automotive is the home of nearly 30 automotive brands, including Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, Pivet, RideKleen and Manheim, which spans out in about 150 global locations. ”' Do you know who else has made a huge investment in Rivian? Amazon and Ford Motor Company.  Did you know that Rivian stock is suddenly trading at an all-time low? Does anyone else see a carefully concocted plan coming together in Georgia to improve earnings for stockholders and investors? Kandiss Taylor opposes Rivian in allegiance with the people in Morgan and surrounding counties. Could it be that she cannot participate in the debate because she might feel compelled to bring up this topic?

Rivian intends to produce lithium batteries in their factories. Lithium battery production has a history of intensely polluting the water supply around its facilities on a global scale and destroying all relative wildlife, but Governor Kemp insists that the destruction of thousands of acres of farm and forestry land in Morgan County, Georgia to build the Rivian plant is a lucky break for Georgians, even though this further erodes both the environment (probably also contributes to Climate Change) and the support of agriculture as the primary industry in Georgia. Although they are heavily invested in getting Rivian established in Georgia one way or another after the Georgia state legislature (HB 460 and SB 398) failed to pass bills allowing Rivian to sell its vehicles in Georgia, WSB-TV has allowed articles on their website that reflect the People’s rejection of this mega plant being built in Northeast Georgia. Even investors in Rivian are not in support of plans to build a factory in Northeast Georgia.

It is ironic that Governor Kemp, who graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in agriculture in 1987, whose family has historically contributed to furthering agricultural business in Georgia, and who has owned several agri-businesses and forestry-related businesses, himself, and who identifies as a Republican should be so invested in foisting a biohazard company like Rivian (backed by George Soros) on the farming communities of Northeast Georgia.

It is as believable that Kemp won’t make a dime from the construction of the Rivian plant as it is that Brian Kemp and David Perdue don’t have a personal and business relationship that goes back decades.

Brian Kemp was appointed Georgia Secretary of State by David Perdue’s cousin, Sonny, in 2010. They are neither political enemies nor are they true, patriotic Republicans. After all, David Perdue wasn’t the slightest bit interested in pursuing a lawsuit related to election fraud when he “lost” his re-election runoff to Congress in 2021. He’s just a convenient insert to continue the Soros and Chinese takeover of Georgia. Unfortunately, President Trump has put his name on this corruption through his endorsement of David Perdue.

By continuing to use corruption and influence among corporate stakeholders to further their personal and political agendas, people like David Perdue and Brian Kemp and George Soros silence the voice of Georgians. They silence the voices of Georgia’s grassroots organizations and candidates like Kandiss Taylor. They perpetuate and protect the voter fraud system to which they proclaim opposition, but which has repeatedly landed them in political situations of esteem, wealth, and political influence. They ensure that the taxpayers of Georgia fund their pet projects, pad their bank accounts, and generally go broke amid the heavy and disorientating fog of Georgia’s RINO politics and secret deals. Rivian Automotive’s construction plan guarantees that some of the best farmland in Georgia will become a toxic swamp that will pollute and degrade the entire state of Georgia one way or another for generations to come while, at the same time, making a select few Georgians infinitely richer.

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