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FOIA Denied.

No public or clerk access to ERIC & Voter Roll Information


Posted by pureintegrityformichiganelections April 28, 2022

The message linked below is from our friends at Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections (PIME). 

It is almost unfathomable that the government that was instituted with the sole purpose of protecting and defending our constitution (and thereby OUR REPUBLIC) seems to be working overtime to destroy the processes and procedures required to have transparent and trustworthy elections.

This affront to our Republic needs our full review and response.

The required response is for you to contact your state legislators and remind them to do the only job that they have the delegated authority to do and that is to protect and defend the constitution.

To conduct their due diligence, they must take steps to get rid of ERIC now!

Visit Election Integrity Force's Latest News page for more information:  


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