Thousands Test Positive for the China Virus After Receiving Vaccine

Thousands Test Positive for the China Virus After Receiving Vaccine

According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), roughly 6,000 Americans have gone on to contract the virus after receiving the vaccine. Many doctors and medical scientists are concluding that evidence is mounting which shows that the vaccines are not only ineffective at preventing the virus but they can also be life-threatening. The CDC claims that out of the 6,000 who contracted the virus after vaccination, 396 people had to be rushed to the hospital as a result of severe reactions while 74 people died.

In Michigan, 246 people who were fully vaccinated tested positive for the virus and 3 of them later died. Doctors reported that most of these deaths occurred among the elderly, patients 65 and older. Recently, in Texas a doctor reported that one patient was killed by the China virus after receiving both doses of the vaccine, adding that his immune system was compromised and that such individuals run a higher risk of complications with both the virus and the vaccine.

The CDC reported that the best vaccine made by Pfizer only offers about 95% protection against catching the virus, while the least effective only provides 67% protection. 

Both vaccines are far below the more than 99% protection offered by using the Hydroxychloroquine cocktail treatment! Many doctors have concluded that, given the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine as a protection agent against the China virus, there is actually no need for the current vaccine. With more than 1,500 deaths related to the adverse effects of the China virus vaccine, we are actually seeing more adverse effect deaths associated with the use of the COVID vaccine than all the combined vaccines used in the world.

Shockingly, the CDC reported that it projects that thousands of more people will become infected with the virus and even die, even after taking the China virus vaccine!

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