State attorney slams Biden for implying that 70+ million Americans are ‘the enemy’

State attorney slams Biden for implying that 70+ million Americans are ‘the enemy’

In his remarks outside Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, President Joe Biden called for “equality and democracy to be protected.” Nonetheless, people around the country voiced criticism of Biden’s Philadelphia speech, claiming that he stoked division and inflamed partisanship. The uniformed Marines accompanying him were, for most Americans tuning into the prime-time speech, only part of the speech’s backdrop.

Eric Schmitt, Missouri’s Attorney General and Senate candidate, criticized President Biden’s Philadelphia speech as divisive, during an interview with Lisa Boothe. “I think it’s meant to distract from his abysmal record as president,” the attorney general said in the recent interview with the Fox News Contributor. “Look, coming out of the Trump presidency, we had record job growth and wage growth, you had a secure border, you had energy dominance and that has all gone away. And you now have record inflation. You have a struggling economy,” Schmitt stated.

He went on saying that he believes Biden was “like a Sith Lord,” referring to the image of Biden on the podium flanked by armed marines against a red background. “So all [Biden] has left is a really an [sic] unprecedented assault by an American president on half of the country. That is essentially categorizing 75 million people as the enemy,” Schmitt declared in the interview, per report on Daily Caller. READ MORE...

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