Senator Takes On The Devil!


Former Senator Takes on Satan

Former Senator Jim DeMint has been a successful businessman, congressman, senator, head of the Heritage Foundation, Chairman of the Conservative Partnership Institute and somewhere in between it all -- an author.

While he has written non-fiction policy and faith books in the past, his newest release, Satan’s Dare, takes on the devil himself in a day and age when it seems out of fashion to even speak of evil. DeMint uses the form of a novel to take on the very dark one himself.

The novel is based essentially on the first chapter of Job where Satan “dares” God, “Does Job fear God for nothing? Have you not put a hedge around him and everything he has? You have blessed him, but now stretch out your hands and strike everything he has and he will surely curse you to your face”.  Job 1:9-11

“I have spent my life in business and politics, but now see our greatest need is not political reform or new leadership or new political strategies, but a return to the foundations of an America that was dedicated to Judeo—Christian values” says DeMint.

DeMint brings the two forces of politics and faith together with a comment, “all of western civilization is based on the Bible and no matter how much we may try to ‘cancel’ the past, the problem we are facing today is simply trying to move forward without God”.

The novel traces the story of two Christian men who suffer great tragedies. One abandons his faith and becomes a world-famous atheist. The other man wrestles with God, but clings to his faith.

DeMint cleverly uses the format of a novel to explain in simple terms the fundamentals of scripture, faith and the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. The characters conclude the death and resurrection of Jesus are not only the basis for faith, but the foundation for civilization itself.

“This is a great book to take to the beach this summer, give to a son or daughter going off to college, a friend at work asking questions and searching for the Lord, a politician you know who has gotten away from his or her faith, but most of all, a book for all to read to realize the mercy of God and His love are the key to our faith”.

In the end, the world-famous atheist experiences the love of a believer and comes back to God. Josh McDowell, the famous Christian apologist explains “There is more truth in this novel than just about any nonfiction book I’ve read. I recommend Satan Dare to every person who wants to strengthen their faith in God and to every person who is searching for truth.”

A bit surprising for a well-known former Senator and high-profile Washington figure to morph into “preacher” mode, but DeMint says, “I am concerned the Church, in particular Church leaders, have lost their courage. This is a time when we need men and women of courage to be fighting for our country and for our faith. It is my prayer that Satan’s Dare will give Christians more confidence in their faith and help restore the courage we so desperately need at this critical moment for our country. If we can defend the fundamentals of our faith, we will give Christians more confidence to stand strong for the values that make America great.”


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