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During the 2022 Illinois primary the Illinois Freedom Alliance Introduced

the Poll Watcher Emergency Response System (PWER)

Annette Parchert, Chair, Illinois Freedom Alliance Political Action Committee located in Moline Illinois knew that the Poll Watchers she was recruiting, training, and dispatching to polling places, needed help. They needed to be able to quickly and efficiently report incidents of voting  problems. Annie decided that a hand held app on the Poll watchers Phone would be the perfect tool.  Enter PWER onto the scene.

The Poll Watcher Emergency Response System ( PWER) is a web-based tool for Election Poll Watchers to prepare Incident Reports while observing the election process.  The Poll Watchers can speak or type into their phone to define the incident they witnessed while observing the voting process. The resulting report is then submitted to the County War Room who will see the incident immediately.

The Poll Watcher then goes back to watching the election process allowing “EYES ON EVERY BALLOT”. The Poll Watcher does not need to step out and make calls to hotlines or even the County Clerks.   The County War Room notified  by PWER will take the necessary action such as contacting the County Clerk, States Attorney, or the County Sheriff.  The War Room updates the incident report status to show action taken. The Poll Watcher is also updated via PWER immediately.  Any updates to the incident report are viewable by the poll watcher and the war room instantaneously.

PWER is designed to be a bottom-up system that empowers “WE THE PEOPLE”. As such, issues are resolved in the County War Room when possible.  The Regional and State War Rooms stand by to assist. Past practice required only that Incident Reports be forwarded to the groups outside of the County and little is known about what actually happens after an incident is forwarded.

Chain Of Reporting

However, PWER will send all incident reports up the chain to Regional and the State level. This allows instantly identifying common problems that maybe occurring around the state. This instant notification also allows the Regional and State level to monitor and move to help stop any infractions of voting integrity at the level needed.

The Illinois Freedom Alliance strives to teach Counties to resolve issues in election processes via their county resources.  No more passing the buck to the very institutions in Illinois that have allowed election integrity in Illinois to disintegrate before our very eyes. PWER was tested, improved, as well as other featured were added because of the hard testing done by Illinois Freedom Alliance. The rigorous test run during the 2022 Primary show many areas that could enhance the poll watchers usability. Voice to text was added, e-mail functionality was added, incident and affidavit formats were modified for use in Illinois. Along with the changes many different polling place data was uploaded to assist the poll watchers in their job of observing and reporting voting irregularities .

The Illinois Freedom Alliance promotes the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution through education and active participation in the political process.  They strive to build War Rooms of led by grass roots leaders in every county.  Getting involved at the local level is critical to improve election integrity in any State. Contact Illinois Freedom Alliance today.




This system is endorsed by Cleta Mitchell (Election Integrity Network), Illinois Family Institute, We The People, The America Project, Illinois for America First and many more.


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