Pandemic Treaty - Anything Through the WHO Should Worry Us

Pandemic Treaty - Anything Through the WHO Should Worry Us

At this moment, the World Health Organization and representatives from many nations are gathered to discuss a Global Pandemic Treaty. After the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the world is left in a daze and stupor about what to do if this happens again. So, it makes sense for people to talk about it. However, the details and rules in the Global Pandemic Treaty could pose some problems. So, why have a treaty? What is in the treaty itself and should we be worried?

Many Problems With Global Response 

When the COVID-19 Pandemic occurred, one thing became clear. The World had no idea what to do. Instead of an Independence Day-inspired united front, where all the nations came together to tackle a common enemy, we got the exact opposite. There was no coordination, no unity. It was like herding cats. Irritating and absolutely impossible to get everyone on the same page.

This would have not been a major deal if it weren’t for the fact that this was a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Regardless of people’s opinions about COVID-19, it is both pathetic and terrifying that major countries could not get their act together. In fact, most of the world still does not have their act together.  Just look at China and its Shanghai shutdowns.

Honestly, if there wasn’t a major discussion about this fiasco, then everyone in the world would deserve a Darwin award. Obviously, some rules of engagement need to be made so we don’t have countries just…doing whatever in the midst of a global incident like this. However, the rules of engagement are in question. As the World Health Organization and representatives meet to discuss these rules, what should we be worried about? 

Why The Pandemic Treaty Should Worry Us

It is always important to know the fine print on whatever you are signing. Bring a magnifying glass to see any extra terms. That’s what needs to be done with this international treaty. However, it is the fine print that is the issue at this point. 

Without a doubt, there needs to be some sort of agreement on how to engage during a pandemic. However, it doesn’t mean that the current draft of the international treaty is good. In fact, it's a nightmare. You might think this is an over-exaggeration, but it is not. There are 131 proposals that cover ten broad categories: political leadership, cooperation and collaboration, World Health Organization, financing, sustainability,  global surveillance, strengthening international health regulations, travel measures, and equity. 

Although most of these proposals are technical in nature, such as WHO has authority when it comes to international health and other details, there are a few that are certainly red flags. The biggest flag is that one proposal plans to strengthen “approaches to and capacities for information and infodemic management… in order to build public trust in data, scientific evidence, and public health measures and to counter inaccurate information and unsubstantiated rumors.”

The proposals also state that “national sovereignty” is a problem because it will limit the effects of the treaty. Forget that the WHO has destroyed our trust from its handling of COVID-19, which it has through its corruption and mismanagement.  To give any International organization this much potential power is insane. They say the road to ruin is paved with good intentions. Well, based on what we’ve seen happen to our freedoms over the last 2 years, it is pretty obvious these intentions are not good. 

Protect Our Sovereignty

Though it might not be a big deal in other countries, the United States still has a strong attachment to its sovereignty. After all, the country was founded by thirteen colonies who wanted their own independence. There is a reason why the American Revolution happened.

Furthermore, if the nations were to agree to this treaty, it would be ratifying and giving a stamp of approval to everything that has happened over the last two years. That includes all the amoral and horrible things countries did for the sake of “public health.” The World Health Organization itself is already thinking of applying China’s lockdown system to western countries. They are even experimenting with the system in Italy! 

The Biden Sidestep

Joe Biden seems on board. He is advocating for the treaty and not surprisingly, the part directed at “countering inaccurate information and unsubstantiated rumors.” It’s the old sidestep. They get nailed on the “disinformation governance board” so they’ll put it in this international treaty. Once the U.S. signs on, it’s a new ball game.  

President Trump pulled us out for good reason. Biden brought us back in and now we know why. This is unacceptable, right? Do we really want the WHO of all organizations to manage a global pandemic? With Tedros being re-elected to head the WHO it is unconscionable to even consider signing a treaty like this. 

We want the whole world on board for sure. However, when the world is in trouble America responds first. We need to do this with our innovation and unfettered resolve.  If we want to do better the next time, then let's start with making sure every member has fast unimpeded access to the breakout area and ALL the information.

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