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You won’t hear anything about election integrity on the main stream media or even Fox News except to call people who think the country has a problem “election deniers.” In truth, you might be shocked at just how much is actually happening, and all that’s being found. Here’s a list of just a few of the sources through which you can learn about election integrity issues and discoveries.

  1. Download apps to your phone or log-on to websites on your computer. There are many. Here are the top ones:
  1. Telegram app or
  2. Frankspeech app or
  3. Real America’s Voice app or
  4. Rumble app or
  1. Listen to podcasts. (Note: if you can download the Rumble app to your TV, when you “subscribe” (usually free) to a podcast that’s on Rumble, you can click a link to watch it on your TV.) Here are some of the podcasts which most cover election integrity:
  1. Conservative Daily Podcast or
  2. Warroom or
  3. Nick Moseder on Rumble:
  4. Cann Con:
  5. Josh Gibbons and Kirsten Lucas with What’s Happening Idaho:
  6. True Idaho News and Keep the Republic: with Daniel Bobinski
  7. Write-ups. For the best source of write-ups, go to the Substack app or visit and search for “election integrity.” Many of the articles are written by people whose only source of income is the articles they’re providing, so you’ll find you usually need to subscribe and pay. But at times, excellent articles are listed as free (in hopes you’ll be impressed and subscribe.)

By the way, Telegram is where Election Integrity Idaho has the biggest presence. Once you’re on, search for and then hit “Join” for channels Election Integrity Idaho, America First—Idaho Chat, The Lone Raccoon, The Professor’s Record, Seth Keshel, and Election Data Analyzer.

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