New York City is Inflating ‘Covid Hospitalizations’ Over 100% to Justify Its Authoritarian Response

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New York City inflated reports of “Covid hospitalizations” by over 100% in order to justify the city’s response measures, which were among the most draconian in the nation.

“State data shows that of the 670 patients marked as being infected with the virus on Friday, just over two in five — or 43.7 percent — were admitted because of the disease, with the rest coming to wards for another condition such as a broken leg, but later being found to be infected,” the Daily Mail reported.

“It suggests the majority of ‘Covid’ patients in U.S. hospitals are no longer people primarily ill with the disease,” the report added.

“Data published by New York State’s Department of Health includes the number of Covid patients that were admitted because of severe complications with the virus and the number admitted with Covid who came to wards for another issue, such as a fall, but then tested positive,” the report clarified.  “Of the 670 ‘Covid’ patients currently on its wards, there are 293 who were admitted for the virus and 377 who have tested positive but were admitted for something else.”

“The proportion of the city’s ‘Covid’ patients who are ill from the virus has risen slightly from last week, but it has remained well below half of all patients since the start of February,” the report noted.

The Covid hospitalization data is scientifically invalid because it fails the mutual exclusivity test. It misrepresents the data by cherry picking the category and presenting it without necessary additional context. Thus, it is “missing context” as the ‘fact checker’ racket would say.

The Covid data fraud is consistent with New York’s track record of deceiving the public about the severity of the disease, while implementing scientifically baseless policies such as Covid vaccine passports in New York City.

Disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo was shown by his own Attorney General Letitia James to have fudged the nursing home death numbers stemming from a March 2020 decree.

“The New York State attorney general accused the Cuomo administration of undercounting coronavirus-related deaths at nursing homes by as much as 50 percent,” the Times reported at the time.



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