New Jersey Citizens Died From COVID-19 After Being Fully Vaccinated

New Jersey Citizens Died From COVID-19 After Being Fully Vaccinated

It should first be clarified that, while 49 fully vaccinated New Jersey residents died from COVID-19, 5,300 people who had not gotten vaccinated also died. But does this mean that we should not ask questions about the adverse effects of the vaccine or its association to the death of those who take it? Does the remarks of Donna Leusner, a spokesman for the state Department of Health, who told a news outlet that “all 49 people who died were over 50 years old with 30 of them being 80 years old, 13 people were between 65 and 79, and 6 between 50 and 64 years old” make their deaths after vaccination justifiable?

The point that we all do well to consider is the fact that, despite the preexisting conditions emphasized, these people who died after vaccination were not reported as having COVID-19 before receiving the vaccine and later died from COVID-19 after receiving their vaccination. How is it scientifically factual that the China Virus vaccine works if people are still dying and contracting the virus after being fully vaccinated?

According to a report from the NJ Advance Media data, “ through July 12 fifty fully vaccinated people have died from COVID-19.” While these numbers represent the deaths from a pool of 4.8 million New Jersey residents who have gotten a vaccine, making the death rate greater than 1 in 100,000 fully vaccinated people, is this grounds for not continuing to ask questions about the mortality rates of those who take the vaccine?

As of a July 12 report from 48 states to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the death count of those who were fully vaccinated stands at 1,063 with nearly 5,500 people who were hospitalized or have died despite being fully vaccinated. Instead of receiving verifiable scientific answers, these deaths are just being called “breakthrough deaths” or “breakthrough cases,” while the CDC with its adverse effects reporting system continues to state its position as not being able to verify rather they are associated with the vaccine.

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