Natural Acquired Immunity Versus Vaccine Immunity: What Does Science Say?

Natural Acquired Immunity Versus Vaccine Immunity: What Does Science Say?

In its efforts to promote vaccine immunity, the Biden administration announced on Monday that a booster shot campaign is set to begin in two weeks. While the administration is pushing for vaccine immunity, some experts are pushing for the endorsement of natural immunity. According to one neurologist, Dr.Russell Surasky, M.D., “Proof of immunity rather than a vaccination is the gold standard and should therefore allow you an exemption from a vaccine mandate.” 

Dr. Surasky concluded today on News Max, “There’s absolutely no data at this point to show that regular everyday Americans need a booster shot. There’s absolutely no evidence that shows that vaccinated immunity is waning and preventing hospitalizations or severe illness.

So what exactly does the data show? According to Dr. Surasky, “The evidence right now is overwhelming that natural immunity provides much stronger protection than vaccinated immunity. In fact, the largest study to date, which included 700,000 people, showed that; not only are you 13 times more likely to get infected with COVID if you are vaccinated compared to natural immunity, but you’re also more likely to get sick and wind up in the hospital if you are vaccinated versus natural immunity.”

An Israeli Study on the effectiveness of natural immunity over vaccinated immunity also showed that “natural immunity is 13 times more effective than vaccines at stopping the Delta variant”, according to a Europe Reloaded article.

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