More Censorship - T-Mobile Admits To Blocking Conservative Links In Texts


Gateway Pundit is reporting that T-Mobile actually admitted to blocking their cell phone users from sharing links to their news articles.

In early January, Jim Hoft's team learned the tech giants are using a frightening new method to censor and control what you can see, read and discuss online. T-Mobile blocked its website links. Users could not send any articles from TGP using T-mobile. The text would not show on the receiver’s end. Your friends or family would not even know that you sent them a TGParticle.

On Monday, February 14th, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt informed T-Mobile that an investigation has been launched in Missouri against T-Mobile following their censorship of conservative viewpoints and the violations of their “WebGuard” software.

On Friday, the Missouri Attorney General’s office got back with their attorney. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt received a response from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile ADMITTED that users sharing links of Gateway Pundit articles were BLOCKED.

Gateway Pundit

As a former T-Mobile customer, who would get all their unsolicited far left promotions texts and emails sent to me, I am not surprised their WOKE corporation started silencing conservative voices.  

It's awesome to see they have stopped, at least for now. 

These types of shenanigans should motivate all patriots to leave T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon for PureTalk.

My family and I did 18 months ago dropping our bill for 3 phones down to only $63 a month, an $1,000 a year saving over T-Mobile.

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