Manchin: I’m Not Voting for H.R. 1 — And I’m Not Making a Filibuster Exception for Any Other Voting Rights Bill Either


The Democrats are caught between a rock and a hard place thanks to Joe Manchin. Manchin refuses to vote to kill the filibuster.

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema is also against both bills. But, Manchin is the real problem for Schumer and his radical agenda. Most of his bills cannot pass unless the filibuster is done away with. But, Schumer doesn’t dare take extreme measures to either criticize Manchin or to pressure him to vote with the party.

The reason is simple. Manchin could just switch parties and give the Republicans the majority. He could primary him in the next election but West Virginia is deep red and Manchin is the only Democrat who can win.

If Schumer loses him, he loses the Senate seat for the distant future. The leftists in the party, including Joe Biden, have been very critical of both Manchin and Sinema. They are pressuring Schumer to do something. I hope he does. Manchin would be a good fit for the GOP.

The bottom line is that H.R. 1 is officially dead. The Democrats would need 10 GOP Senators to pass the bill that would allow the Democrats to manipulate elections forever.

The federalization of the election process is a bad idea and I suspect that even if it were passed, the Supreme Court would strike it down. This is not a case where you can just change the law, you need to amend the constitution.


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