Just Released - Freedom Phone (Save With Promo Code "SAVE"


Just Released - Freedom Phone

New “Freedom Phone” Goes Public Today –


Finally, we have another option. It's time to get your freedom and privacy back when using your smartphone. 

Freedom Phone was built by a bitcoin millionaire and tech genius, Erik Fineman, it’s got all the good things your current phone has — with no censorship!  

Since It Runs on FreedomOS , It’s an Excellent Way for Conservatives to Fight Back Against Big Tech

It’s running the new FreedomOS — which means Apple and Google no longer control the phone.

Its technical specifications are:

– Octa-Core Processor

– 32 MP Rear Camera

– stunning rear & front facing cameras

– 6.3” HD Display

– 64GB memory with expandable storage

– USB-C Port

– 4150mAh high capacity battery

– Dual SIM card slots

Even better is the price: New iPhone 12s cost $699. Even a two-year-old iPhone 11s cost $599 — the Freedom Phone is less expensive!

Save $50 use promo code - "SAVE"

Freedom Phone


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