Joe Biden’s Reign of Incompetence Leaves America Less Safe!

Joe Biden’s Reign of Incompetence Leaves America Less Safe!

From January 20 when he was sworn-in and began signing executive orders to end the Trump administration’s Migrant Protection Protocol, Joe Biden has continued to make America less safe! Biden’s reign of incompetence and catastrophic failures has now resulted in the lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan, with U.S. citizens and our allies now in the hands of terrorists.

It appears that the karma of Joe Biden’s stolen election has become the nightmare that depicts the reality of the current condition of America! From the border crisis to the present Afghanistan hostage crisis, the Biden regime has made America less safe on all fronts. We are now on the frontier of a United States with a weakened national security, and a fragile international standing with the rest of the world.

Amidst the current horrendous crisis, “the Democrat majority continues to stonewall the only legislation that had anything to do with Afghanistan this week, only voting on bills that fulfill the left’s socialist agenda,” according to a Tweet posted by Rep. Brian Mast. In another Tweet, Rep. Mast also stated: “The safety of every American and every ally held behind enemy lines needs to be the top priority of Congress. And every American should hold his or her Representative accountable.”

The United States of America has been humiliated on the world stage, all thanks to the incompetant leadership of Joe Biden! America is less safe and it’s time that all politicians on both sides of the isle, who stand silently with their heads buried in the sand, to clean house by removing Joe Biden and his incompetent regime from office!

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