Jeffrey Epstein’s Cellmate Revealed Secret About Bill Clinton Before His Death

Jeffrey Epstein’s Cellmate Revealed Secret About Bill Clinton Before His Death

It’s no secret that convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was friends with Bill Clinton.

Epstein visited the Clinton White House numerous times between 1993 and 1995, bringing over half a dozen different women. The names of these women who accompanied Epstein to meet Clinton have already been publicly released here.

However, in a new development, Epstein’s former cellmate, William Mersey, says Epstein leaked secrets about Clinton during his final weeks in the Manhattan prison.

According to a new book authored by Barry Levine, who interviewed Mersey, Epstein says Clinton had “days as a lothario” and hadsexual relationships with women.

“I asked him if Clinton liked his girls young,” Mersey asked. In response, Epstein said, “No. Bill liked his women mature.”

“Epstein went on unsolicited about Bill Clinton,” Mersey explained. Epstein said Clinton “can’t do anything like that now because he’s had a couple of heart surgeries.”

Clinton denies any wrongdoing regarding his past friendship with Epstein.

Epstein visited the Clinton White House at least 17 times, according to visitation documents.

The first visit occurred shortly after Clinton’s inauguration in 1993. Epstein brought along at least four known girlfriends and several other female companions.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s companion, was recently found guilty of recruiting and grooming teenagers for Epstein and various elite politicians and celebrities. 60-year-old Maxwell is currently serving a 20-year sentence. READ MORE...

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