Is it a far-fetched idea to believe that China used Covid-19 as a bioweapon?

Is it a far-fetched idea to believe that China used Covid-19 as a bioweapon?

Many discussions on the table about the possibility of covid-19 being a biological weapon. But was it really China’s master plan all along to use the virus as a strategy to displace the United States as the world’s sole superpower nation? Unfortunately, it’s hard to know if we will ever see an investigation from the Biden administration to find out if this is true. It’s safe to say that our Intelligence Agencies have their hands full with investigating and identifying conservatives as white supremist. So, it’s unlikely that we will see an investigation from that source!

In fact, if we are completely “keeping it real,” our Intelligence Agencies have been shoulder to shoulder from the very beginning; covering up for the Biden administration while serving as a weaponized extension of the Democrat party! Their sole objectives continue to be, not to protect and serve the interest of the American people, but to serve the interests of the left.

If the Chinese Communist Party released the virus as a weapon, this is a major issue that demands, not only an investigation, but an “all-hands-on-deck” approach with all U.S. allies to make sure that China is held accountable! Given the probability that this is true, it would imply that China made a declaration of war against the entire world. And we now have a sitting President, who himself, along with members of his family, has a vested interest in China! 

While China continues to amass power and dominance all over the world, the Biden administration continues to be distracted by Russia and its insistence on alleged prevalence of white supremacy. We are indeed in the midst of crucial times and soon Russia will become allies with China as a result of the Biden administration’s misguided agenda against Russia. 

Joe Biden is clueless and his administration is made up of a bunch of brainless swamp grifters. That’s why it is imperative that we all stand up and make our voices heard through our votes while at the same time vigilantly protecting the integrity of our elections.


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