Infrastructure Bill Won’t Help Democrats

Infrastructure Bill Won’t Help Democrats

While the majority of the Biden Administration’s agenda has failed to launch, the trillion-dollar Infrastructure Bill was the exception. On November 15, Biden signed this bill into law. Although the Infrastructure Bill has been paraded as bi-partisan, the reality is further from the truth. In fact, the Infrastructure Bill gives a big win to the Left yet allows problems like the supply chain crisis to worsen. 

“Once-In-A-Generation” Investment

Once the bill was passed, the White House made an entire page dedicated to this “once-in-a-generation” investment in America’s infrastructure. President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal is praised for what it is supposed to bring to the table. The deal promises to rebuild America’s roads, bridges, and other important structures. It will expand clean drink water, allow Americans access to high-speed internet, and….” advance environmental justice”?

You see, there are plenty of good things promised in this investment. The United States needs better bridges and roads. We need to get rid of lead pipes and upgrade the electrical grid. However, there are a few things that have been added in that have nothing to do with infrastructure. 

Environmental Justice and Equity? 

Ever wonder what environmental justice and equity have to do with infrastructure? Well, nothing. They have nothing to do with infrastructure. Yet, part of that trillion-dollar budget meant for improving infrastructure is going towards things that would leave a majority of Americans scratching their heads.  Let’s face it, most folks are too busy working to take care of themselves and their families to look closely at the details of this bill. 

One of the big things in the bill is about taking a step toward stopping the climate crisis. However, the United States is not ready for Green Energy, there are still major problems that prevent us from being able to transition to renewable energy in the near future.

Yet, spending on more green energy investments and electric charging stations is a major position of the bill. Furthermore, they also expect to reclaim abandoned mines and capping oil and gas wells. Something that has been causing problems with the current gas price surge. In addition, they are going to expand on mass transit systems in an attempt to replicate Japan’s own national transit systems. At least some environmental infrastructure may make sense. Okay, but then what about equity?

The fact that equity is even mentioned within the legislation is a problem. Equity focuses on the idea that resources are given out based on need in order to “level the playing field.” While that may make some sense, it is how people are leveling the playing field where the problem lies. In order to create equity, the new Infrastructure Deal will have to make new programs to help “disadvantaged groups,” rather than focusing on the purpose of the legislation. 

However, the worst part is that this bill is going to exacerbate the current supply chain crisis. 

Supply Chain Crisis Gets Worse

The United States is going through a supply chain crisis and it is only going to get worse. The main source of the supply chain issue is coming from the ports and truckers, that are lacking capacity and workers. This problem while improved, hasn’t been solved. The actual projects and work of the Infrastructure deal will crank this problem up to eleven.  The increased demand and scarce availability of materials to complete these projects is the second proverbial head of Cerberus.

And then there’s inflation. What does it have to do with Infrastructure you ask? Well, already projects are being pushed back or on permanent hold because of the cost of materials and fuel. New estimates on some approved projects are already 15%, 25%, and even up to 55% more. Of course, there are already some Democrats talking about more funding to “solve this problem.” You really have to ask yourself “are these people that ignorant?” Like that will help inflation.

Biden Follies   

Unfortunately, the Infrastructure legislation is overpriced and underserved. While it allocates funds to required infrastructure that needs to be upgraded, plenty of things within the deal do not need to be there. The legislation could have cost significantly less and been far more effective if it didn’t push for green energy and equity. 

The Infrastructure legislation was supposed to be something Biden and more importantly, the Democrats could hang their hats on going into the 2022 midterms. Like so many of this administration's policies and efforts,  the results will add to its failures. 

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