Governor Cuomo Implements Vaccination Segregation Mandate for Baseball Stadiums

Governor Cuomo Implements Vaccination Segregation Mandate for Baseball Stadiums

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, poster child of the Democrat party, issued a mandate on Wednesday (May 6, 2021) reminiscent of the Democrat’s Jim Crow segregation laws of the Civil War era! This time, Cuomo’s aim is to separate vaccinated  baseball fans from the unvaccinated for games at Yankee Stadium and the New York Mets’ Citi Field. Like Democrat segregationists of old, Cuomo jokingly scoffed that the seating arrangement would be “separate but equal,” adding “It’s not like you get the nosebleed seat because you’re unvaccinated!” 

Despite the numerous scandals surrounding Governor Cuomo’s handling of the elderly nursing homes during the height of the China virus outbreak, it’s obvious that he has declared open season on all the people within his jurisdiction who refuse the vaccine! It’s safe to say that what the American people are witnessing in New York, at Cuomo’s hand, may very well be the ultimate Democrat playbook for the rest of the country! 

Right before our eyes, we are witnessing the very essence of the same Democrat ideology which inspired the creation of the KKK, and Jim Crow Laws. But this time the target is Patriotic Americans who stand in defiance of Democrat communist socialism! To simply use Frank Speech; “Not only do the Democrats plan to target the unvaccinated, but their ultimate aim is to silence all conservative voices of dissent against the status quo narrative!”

Cuomo’s segregation mandate will go into effect on May 19, in coordination with other major reopenings announced earlier this week. This is clear discrimination, intimidation, and manipulation. Cuomo has officially singled out unvaccinated people as targets. This is a clear violation of the constitution, our privacy rights, and the HIPAA laws.

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