Government Officials Pushed Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory ‘Cover Up’ [Report]


A US government official, paid by your tax dollars, seemingly ordered his employees to not publicly acknowledge American links to and funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chinese lab embroiled in a possible lab-leak coronavirus origin theory that was reported by all the mainstream news media as a conspiracy theory and came with censorship and demonetization punishments by leftist tech tyrants if you dared talk about it on their social media platforms.

According to a Vanity Fair report that came out on Thursday, government official Christopher Park wanted to steer away from opening up some sort of “Pandora’s Box” of the US government funding gain-of-function research either directly or indirectly to the Wuhan lab in Wuhan, China, via grants that went to EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit group, that funneled the money to the Wuhan lab.

Here’s a real kicker. EcoHealth Alliance did not have to go through the review board of the Department of Health and Human Services where the grant could have been rejected. The reason it wasn’t subjected to review is that the sub-agency that awarded grants never told the review board. Was that a crime? Will we ever find out?

It has been reported that Park told his employees at the State Department’s Biological Policy Staff in the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation where he is director, to not speak publicly about funding. A person who was in attendance at the meeting Park gave that order told Vanity Fair that Park’s comments were “so nakedly against transparency” as to be “shocking and disturbing.”

Thomas DiNanno, former acting assistant secretary of the State Department’s Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance, said that Park’s order “smelled like a cover-up.”


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