Got Extra Mail in Ballots? Here are Some Ideas to Put Them to Good Use

Voting integrity in Hawaii

It’s Election Season again! If you live in a vote-by-mail state you know what that means-extra ballots are coming your way!

Instead of throwing them in the trash here are some ideas to keep you in the Reuse Recycle frame of mind:

 1.    Litter box liner: be sure to put your ballots with the most abhorrent candidates face up so they get the first soak of cat urine.

 2.    Chicken nesting box liner: be sure to put your ballots with the most abhorrent candidates face down so that your hens don’t suddenly stop laying eggs.

 3.    Garden mulch: here’s a rule of thumb-10 shredded ballots will cover 4 cubic feet of garden space.  Bonus: Call your County Clerk and demand they switch to organic printing materials for future mulching.  Organic ballots only!

 4.    Appetite suppressant: slap those ballots on the fridge and pantry doors, no way you’ll want to eat when every time you go the fridge you see a long list of Liberals and RINOs.  Instant appetite killer!

 5.    String them up as garland for your Christmas tree: who can afford decorations with Bidenflation?

 6.    Roll them up and compress them into tiny flares to use as a light source during rolling blackouts (CA), or when you cannot pay your electric bill due to Bidenflation, or, for Hawaii, where the only coal plant was recently closed and electric bills have increased by 10-20%.  Yay Green Energy!

 7.    FBI took your My Pillows? Shredded ballots work as pillow filler! Rule of thumb: 10 ballots for a travel pillow, 20 ballots for a standard size pillow. 

Audit the Vote Hawaii is collecting data on mail ballot issues. 

If you receive duplicate ballots, ballots for people who do not live at your address or family members who have moved away, use this link to submit a report:

Happy Election Season!

Corinne Solomon for Audit the Vote Hawaii 

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