Georgia’s Election Integrity Act: Court Sees Through Divisive Rhetoric

Georgia’s Election Integrity Act: Court Sees Through Divisive Rhetoric

Georgia’s Election Integrity Act was recently affirmed by the court, denying preliminary injunctions to stop the act from going into effect before the midterm elections. Although the White House has made grand statements, claiming that this legislation was “Jim Crow 2.0,” the administration and Department of Justice have gone silent on the entire subject. Why? Because the entire opposition is built with lies and divisive rhetoric about the law. 

Lies and Rhetoric From Left

Last year, Georgia introduced the Election Integrity Act that was designed to make voting easier for citizens to vote and harder for anyone to cheat. However, the legislation was met with outrageous accusations from the Biden administration, members of Congress, the media, and anyone with a platform. 

The first of these lies was that legislation would discourage voting. According to the New York Times, the law is “the most extensive restriction of voting access in generations and a breathtaking assertion of partisan power in elections.” There were also claims that this would suppress African American votes. Joe Biden stated that the Election Integrity Act made “Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.” Furthermore, other democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer called the bill despicable and targeted voter drives put together by church-going African Americans. They also claim that requiring voter ID will suppress voting Americans, a common claim in these arguments.

In addition to these suppression claims, opponents of the legislation keep claiming that the bill prevents access to water and food while waiting in line. Many people, including the president, have stated that this was an atrocity and inhumane. According to Joe Biden:

Jim Crow 2.0 is about two insidious things: voter suppression and election subversion. It’s no longer about who gets to vote; it’s about making it harder to vote

However, these statements are lies that hide the truth behind this election integrity bill.

What is the Truth?

The Election Integrity Act does not suppress voters or subvert elections. Simply put, the legislation reforms the current laws to make it easier for citizens to vote and decrease cheating. 

First of all, the law is nowhere close to Jim Crow-era policies. Jim Crow was a dark and atrocious chapter in America’s history that had states passing legislation to prevent African Americans from exercising their right to vote. Everything from the Grandfather Clause, literacy tests, segregation, and poll taxes was made to personally target the Black community. However, the Election Integrity Act does not do that, not even close. 

Many suppression claims come from the use of Voter ID, saying it will discourage people from voting and target the Black community. However, the Voter ID provision is very generous. In addition to providing this specific identification, the law allows those without a Voter ID to provide their social security number instead. The claims of suppression contradict studies that prove identification like Voter ID does not affect people’s ability to vote

So, what about the claim that voters cannot eat or drink while waiting to vote? This is a huge misrepresentation of the provision. Voters can get water while they are waiting through self-service water from unattended receptacles. The law prevents political groups from giving food and water within a certain distance of the voting area, not unlike in other states. 

So, what’s with these bogus claims? Why are people fighting against this legislation?

Why Are They Against Election Integrity? 

The majority of the United States (80%) are concerned with election integrity. Even if people are not ready to dump voting machines, Georgia is showing that these concerns matter enough to create reforms. However, Biden and the Democrats continue to tell lies about these types of legislation. There aren’t obstructive criteria that United States citizens need to meet to get a Voter ID. There are no secret agendas by the States that would cause some votes to be suppressed. Also, state officials are not secretly planning on dehydrating and starving voters. So, why are they trying so hard to prevent election integrity laws from being enacted?

Well, let’s see. The mainstream media, big tech social media, Hollywood, and liberal elite activists like George Soros and Mark Zuckerbucks all work for the Democrats. If they can’t win with that, then maybe opening the election to millions of illegal immigrants and cheaters will give them more votes and power.  They certainly are not doing it by enriching and securing the citizens of the United States.

Maintaining Election Integrity

When opposition goes quiet after a law is upheld by the court, it really shows how weak their positions were. The fact that everything that was stated by the administration, media, and other entities was a lie, proves the desperation that these people have to keep elections unsecured. However, the upholding of the Election Integrity Act can set a precedent that these types of provisions can be made law. Now it's time for every state to follow Georgia’s example.

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