Fighting the War Against CRT

Fighting the War Against CRT

The Kennewick School Board in Washington has unanimously voted to ban Critical Race Theory from their curriculum. This is a major win in the battle against CRT in education. Yet, it is not enough. Although parents and other Americans are fighting against this curriculum, there is more to acknowledge about this problem. It is important to understand the nature of CRT and how it affects everything. 

The Nature of Critical Race Theory

Although everyone has heard about critical race theory, nobody seems to know what it really is. While people understand its race politics, it's more than that. According to Critical Race Training in Education, CRT is not like the Civil Rights Movement. It does not seek equal opportunity and treatment regardless of race. Instead, it is a radical ideology that uses race to understand society by objectifying people by race. It reframes everything through the lens of systematic racism, ignoring all rationalism and constitutional law. 

The authors of Critical Race Theory: An Introduction, confirm this nature by stating:

Critical race theory questions the very foundations of the liberal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism, and neutral principles of constitutional law

As a result, the application of CRT transforms everything to be seen from its perspective of reality. It spits in the face of rationality and objectivity. It basically requires people to view the world from an unconscious bias. To that end, the CRT curriculum is being integrated at all levels of education.

CRT In Education

Now that you know the exact nature of Critical Race Theory, it is clear why advocates for this radical ideology want it in education. It has always been clear that children are the future of this country. It is the reason why education is so important to help shape their minds and prepare them for the future. In order for a radical and maladaptive ideology to survive, it needs to root itself in the future.

Instead of schools teaching history and other subjects from an objective and rational stance, the CRT curriculum reframes everything under systemic racism. It changes the question of “was there racism?” to “how did racism manifest?” It changes the language of a curriculum, creating thoughts that follow its radical ideology. 

Using words like oppressors, oppressed, whiteness, and other CRT key words is what reframes the education system. As a result, it weaves itself in every aspect of the school. The Kennewick School Board was able to understand this issue and got rid of CRT, stating in their resolution:

The [school] board believes that the history of all races should be valued and believes in the importance of students learning social studies, civics, and the factual history of the United States from a non-partisan stance, free from political or personal biases.

Yet, many people are arguing that CRT is about anti-racism and proponents want to ban the discussion of racism and slavery. This couldn’t be further from the truth and shows that people need to fight against CRT on every level. 

Fighting CRT on Every Level

While people are taking the fight to school, CRT has influenced other aspects of life. According to a study from the American Enterprise Institute, the media has been misleading the fight over Critical Race Theory. The media ignores the bedrock of CRT that explicitly rejects rationality and objectivity. Instead, it frames the entire issue by talking about racism and slavery in schools. 

However, it's not just the news that is protecting CRT. TV Shows are also adopting the radical ideology. Big Brother, a popular reality TV show, has been showing this adaptation with contestants that used “racism” as a way to isolate and vote for the player. It has become so prevalent in the show that it has turned some fans away. 

Critical Race Theory is being applied where it can be rooted to influence others. This requires it to be fought at every level. 

Winning the War

The Kennewick School Board was a winning battle. However, the war against CRT is not over. The nature of CRT makes it clear that it will infect any area by applying this radical ideology.

So, how do people win the war? By calling it out at every level. People need to be clear about what CRT is and how manipulative it is. Parents should try and work with teachers to dissuade its implementation at the classroom level.  Consumers can speak with their pocketbooks (Something Netflix and Disney found out). They need to call out TV shows and other media that promote or mislead people about CRT.

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