FBI Seizes Rep. Scott Perry’s Phone One Day After Mar-A-Lago Raid

FBI Seizes Rep. Scott Perry’s Phone One Day After Mar-A-Lago Raid

Pennsylvania congressman, Scott Perry while on a family vacation, disclosed Tuesday that FBI agents stopped him and seized his cell phone. A staunch ally of President Donald Trump and former chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, Scott Perry (R-Pa.) told Just the News in an interview that “three agents approached him with a search warrant while he was traveling with family Tuesday morning and asked for his phone.”

In the Just the News interview, Perry said “they seized my phone, imaged it and returned it to me,” according to the report. Perry added that “he was shocked the bureau simply did not ask his lawyer to retrieve any evidence they wanted from him. "They could have simply asked my attorney," he said. "They didn't need to stop me when I was traveling with my family."

According to the Washington Examiner, “The FBI and Justice Department declined to comment on the matter.” Perry described the move as “unnecessary and aggressive action” and blasted the FBI for “banana-republic tactics,” according to another report. Highlighting the FBI’s agenda to fabricate headlines and distract the American people, Perry added “this illegitimate body leaked their latest charade to the media ahead of contacting targeted Members.

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