The FBI Leaves Sexual Abuse Cases To Continue its Jan 6 Witch Hunt

The FBI Leaves Sexual Abuse Cases To Continue its Jan 6 Witch Hunt

The FBI has repeatedly proved to Americans that the agency now belongs to Biden and prioritizes Biden’s comfort over the safety of American citizens. Recently, the Federal Bureau of Investigations has been moving agents off other cases to focus on the January 6th investigations as it takes priority over every other subject.

With these new allegations, the agency has been reduced to another lapdog of the democratic party. From an agency relied upon due to its credibility and set standards seen in previous decades, Biden has reduced the FBI to an embarrassing arm of the democrats.

whistleblower recently confirmed to the media that the agency has been channelling more effort into the January 6th probe and even engaging more agents to find anything that can be pinned on the former president.

The informant recalled being instructed to abandon child sexual abuse investigations as they were not a priority to the FBI compared to locking the former president up. Investigations unrelated to the January 6th events were abandoned and mostly referred to local enforcement agencies to unravel themselves. READ MORE...

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