Europeans Take to the Streets to Protest the Start of Vaccination Mandates

Europeans Take to the Streets to Protest the Start of Vaccination Mandates

In the U.S. you run the risk of being labeled a conspiracy theorist and possibly censored if you mention the Democrat’s plans to initiate vaccine mandates. However, in Europe pending vaccine mandate legislation has sparked a wave of protest. We in the U.S. do well to play close attention to what’s happening because we are not far behind in experiencing the same thing!

Marseille protesters in southern France took to the streets on July 24, 2021 after the French government proposed legislation involving compulsory vaccinations for certain workers and the mandatory use of a health pass. From London, Dublin, Paris, Rome, Athens and many other places in Europe; thousands of demonstrators came out to protest lockdowns and vaccine passports. It was reported by France’s Interior Ministry that about 160,000 people took part in the protest.

The proposed bill would demand people to show verifiable proof of their COVID-19 vaccination and a negative test result in order to enter restaurants and other public areas! Reminiscent of the very characteristics we see within the Biden administration and the Democrat regime in association with RHINOs of the Republican party, the European protesters labeled French President Emmanuel Macron as a “tyrant” in their protest chants.

As we here in the United States watch these series of events unfold in Europe, we do well to follow their example and make our voices heard in protest before we find ourselves at the complete mercy of an illegitimate government headed by an incompetent Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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