Dr. Robert Young & Scientific Team Discover of Graphene Oxide, Nanometals, and Parasites in CoV-19 Vaccines!

Dr. Robert Young & Scientific Team Discover of Graphene Oxide, Nanometals, and Parasites in CoV-19 Vaccines!

All the elite forces of the world are lining up to encourage everyone to take the jab. However, the safety and effectiveness of the injection is never a part of the conversation. Anyone that questions the ingredients of these vaccines is immediately labeled the new right-wing conspiracy theorist or right-wing radical extremist terrorist and placed on the DHS’s recently released list! 

It’s scary to be forced into doing something; even more so when the results could kill you and your family! But we are going to keep asking the questions: What's in these shots? Why can't we know? Why hasn't Pfizer had a press conference since its fake FDA approval was set up?  Maybe it's because we’re not supposed to know.

Doctor Jane Ruby, expert pharmaceutical researcher, reported on the findings of Dr. Robert Young, who examined these shots. If what Dr. Young, an expert in the field of microscopy, found is accurate; we now definitively know why it's a big secret. In a recent Stew Peters TV interview, Dr. Ruby revealed shocking information about Dr. Young’s discovery of graphene oxide, parasites, and stainless steel inside the vaccines of Pfizer, Maderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson!

According to the results of Dr. Ruby's report on Dr. Robert Young’s findings, in “the microscopic view of Pfizer vaccine vials showed clear evidence of a cluster of graphene oxide, lethal parasites, and numerous types of different metals. In the Maderna vials Dr. Young found a carbon based reduced graphene oxide substrate embedded with nanoparticles. The analysis of the Maderna vaccine also contained metal debris in the material after being properly diluted for a single dose. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine analysis by Dr. Young revealed a cluster of stainless steel, glued together with a carbon based glue of reduced graphene oxide, a highly magnetic material with the ability to trigger pathological blood coagulations (clotting). 

This bombshell revelation must be yelled from the rooftops! Share this with everyone you know. According to these findings, it appears that all four vaccines may be riddled with a poisonous cocktail of ingredients. Doctors all around the world are coming forward:

Doctors/Whistleblower: LARGE Amounts of Graphene Oxide Found in Certain COVID Vaccines

COVID Vax Ingredients Exposed: Graphene, Nanometals, PEG and Parasites

Dr. Young confirms Graphene Oxide, Metals and Parasites in Covid Shots

There are scores of other expert findings to corroborate these bombshell findings. You can also see Dr. Robert Young Discusses What’s In COVID Shots, Why Graphene is Important, and Who’s to Blame to get a first hand explanation of Dr. Young’s findings. 

We are in the fight of lives against an evil that knows no boundaries! Now, more than ever, we must take a stand and refuse to comply with the lie!!

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