Did Fox News Owner James Murdoch Engage in Election Interference?

Did Fox News Owner James Murdoch Engage in Election Interference?


If you’re still watching Fox News it might surprise you that the network occasionally takes a dark left-wing turn in its reporting. However, a glimpse into the background of the money that fuels the network clearly explains why. For starters, consider James Murdoch, the heir to Fox News. Murdoch invested $20 million in opposition to President Trump’s 2020 reelection, while pumping another $100 million into leftwing political nonprofit groups, according to a News Max report.

So the next time that you are tuned into Fox News under the impression that you are supporting a conservative news network, just remember the “devil is in the details!” Not only did the Murchdoch family back Joe Biden’s candidacy, but according to the Financial Times report; the Murdoch’s are planning to reshape Fox News into an establishment media outlet. We all know what that means, another left-wing propaganda tool in the making!

Recently Diamond and Silk responded to the Murdoch’s leftwing influence over Fox News with the following response on Twitter:

“Hummm, this may explain why Fox threw Diamond and Silk under the bus!

Oh by the way, where is the FEC and isn't this considered Election Interference?

Just asking....”

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