Diamond & Silk Talk About Democrat Voter Fraud Legislation on Lindell TV Chit Chat Live

Diamond & Silk Talk About Democrat Voter Fraud Legislation on Lindell TV Chit Chat Live

Democrats are desperate to cease control over the American voter system with legislation as they now push to federalize the nation’s elections and overturn laws that protect the integrity of the ballot box. 

It’s obvious that the Biden regime is failing, and the mainstream media wants everyone to believe that everything is okay, even bringing out Michelle and Barack Obama to cosign Biden’s failures. 

Diamond noted on the Jan. 18th Diamond and Silk Chit Chat Live Show on Lindell TV, They want to make you think that everything is okay… which is a lie! You cannot tell me that everybody is okay with going to the grocery store and there’s no food on the shelves. You cannot tell me that people are okay with going to fill up their tank and gas prices are three-times higher than what it was when President Trump was in office…” 

Diamond and Silk highlighted the laws that were broken in the 2020 election and how the Democrats are now setting their sights on taking over the American election system with voter fraud legislation. The HR1 for the Politicians’ Act and HR4 voting bills, deceptively called the “Voting Rights Bill,” and for pandering purposes the “The John Lewis Voting Rights Act” is nothing more than a voting free-for-all which attempts to remove voter ID requirements and encourage ballot harvesting.

Democrats are currently pushing to pass this legislation in the House. We are in for the fight of our lives and the Democrats want you to fund their fraudulent attempts to take away your voter rights! Get the word out about this. Share, share, share and watch the entire video HERE for more information about what you can do.

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