Destruction of the American Middle Class

Destruction Of The American Middle Class

For nearly half of a century, the American middle class has been in decline. The backbone of America is beginning to weaken, especially in recent years.  The middle class is an important and fundamental part of the American economy. However, when you look at the agenda of the socialist left and policies of the Biden Administration, it appears they are hell-bent on perpetrating the destruction of the American middle class. 

What is the American Middle Class?

The American middle class is an economic stratum that is defined by social status, education level, and income. Until five decades ago, the majority of Americans belonged to the middle class. According to the Pew Research Center, middle-class households are defined as having two-thirds to double the United States’ median income. 

The American middle class is an integral and important part of the United States, economically and socially. Historically, the middle class has been the center of the United States’ economic growth and prosperity. According to the Center of American Progress, the middle class is linked to:

  • Development of Human Capital
  • Stable Source of Demand for Goods and Services
  • Produces a New Generation of Entrepreneurs
  • Supports Inclusive Political and Economic Institutions

This is because the middle class is composed of small business owners and working-class families. In 2009, Joe Biden highlighted the importance of the middle class when discussing economic recovery. The former vice-president stated: “Quite simply, a strong middle class equals a strong America. We can’t have one without the other.”

Yet, why has the American middle class continued to shrink over the past five decades? Maybe it's no coincidence that Joe Biden has been in politics for over 50 years and that the decline of the middle class has now accelerated into the destruction of it.  In just two years since his administration and Democrats have taken power, every action has contributed to this erosion.

The Decline of the American Middle Class

For the past five decades, the American middle class has been shrinking. In 1971, 61% of American households belonged to this economic stratum. However, the proceeding decades had a steady decline in middle-class households. As of 2021, only 50% of American households belong to the middle class. This is the first time since the 1960s that the majority of Americans are not part of the middle class. 

There are a few reasons why there has been a decline. First of all, there has been population growth in the lower and upper classes of the economic spectrum. Some of this is contributed to demographic changes such as immigration and an aging population, which increases the lower economic class. Furthermore, lower and middle-class households have a hard time rebounding after economic hardships like the Great Recession and COVID-19. 

However, it seems clear that policies have been the biggest factor in the decline of the middle class. The government has failed to keep up to date on federal policies that are having a negative impact on the United States economy overall. Furthermore, there has been no effort to prevent the over-inflation of prices such as in higher education, housing, and health care. 

Sadly, this is about to get worse as the latest policies coming from the federal government are likely going to blow the middle class to pieces.

Policies that are Destroying the American Middle Class

At the moment, the American middle class is being crushed by rampant inflation. The record-breaking inflation has depressed wages and increased the consumer price index. Considering Biden’s statement in 2009, the president should be dead set on strengthening the middle class. However, the administration has decided that spending money on green energy is far more important. 

The recent passing of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is spelling future disaster. After all, this policy has more to do about green energy initiatives and increasing the power of the IRS. While the administration promises that it will help and take money from the rich, all of these policies directly harm and affect average Americans. After all, do you think they need thousands of IRS agents to go after the upper class? This is just one part and the damage is going to be immense. There are many other policy decisions being made that are hurting the American middle-class like the massive influx of illegal immigrants flowing through the southern border. 

Protecting the American Middle Class

Even with its steady decline, a large portion of the United States is middle class. It is also the backbone of the United States. The country cannot thrive, let alone survive, without the American middle class. Instead of putting together policies that do nothing but burden the majority of the population, there needs to be an effort to support and build up the middle class.  

This starts with changing our elected representatives in the 2022 midterm elections. However, it can’t stop there. We must hold them accountable and push back on the socialist radical agenda. Even if it doesn’t directly affect you now, you can bet it soon will.

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