Chris Salcedo’s Mic Drop on Why Every Democrat American Should Vote Conservative

Chris Salcedo’s Mic Drop on Why Every Democrat American Should Vote Conservative

With radical extremists on the march, prices for everything continue to skyrocket. Law abiding citizens are victims of ever escalating crimes from repeat offenders. The borders are wide open to criminals of every description, and your right to oppose this rapid decline of your country is under attack.” Chris Salcedo, on his Newsmax show laid out the perfect outline to why, now more than ever, every Democrat should vote conservative.

Salcedo noted thatwhen conservatives win elections, our rights are protected, the constitution’s limits on government power are honored, and prosperity abounds when conservative govern. When left-wing extremists rule, the exact opposite is true.” This is why every Democrat should vote conservative!

Many Americans cringe at the idea that we are possibly facing more years under the Biden regime’s reign of failure and tyranny as “calls for Biden’s impeachment grows louder.” That’s why, now more than ever, we must all remain steadfast “In Search of True Patriotism!”

We have an illegitimate President who was installed in the White House via a fraudulent election. Right is now wrong and what was once humane is now inhumane. We live amidst a parallel universe where immorality and ungodliness has become more important than decency and respect for our fellow man. 

In the most debased manner, corruption and political deception has contaminated the very foundation of all rational perceptions. Why? Greed, political power, and plain evil is the most logical answer. However, there exists a gumbo of multi-faceted agendas that we can pinpoint as the source of the current chaos which has become the new normal within left-wing politics. But you quickly face the firing-squad of the cancel culture and propagandist who will not hesitate to label you as a conspiracy theorist if you dare to expose these obvious facts! 

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