Champion Of Persecuted Christians!


A Champion For The Persecuted

Nadine Maenza is a fighter - she fights for persecuted Christians and other religious minorities throughout the world, but she does not do it just from her office in Washington DC, but by spending time on the ground with the people, seeing and experiencing for herself the suffering of those she defends.

Just last week, Maenza was given the Cedars of God Award by In Defense of Christians for “combatting Christian persecugtion around the world.”

Maenza is the newly elected Chair of the Congressionally chartered United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), formed in 1998 as part of the International Religious Freedom Act, launched by former Congressman Frank Wolf, Senator Sam Brownback and others and is bringing a breath of fresh air to a critically important organization.

With more than twenty years of experience supporting those in need from families to religious freedom, Maenza is an expert on policy, a writer and speaker in the forefront of the fight for the suffering.

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom works closely with the office of International Religious Freedom at the State Department and the Ambassador for International Religious Freedom. It also collects information from a wide range of organizations ranging from Open Doors to the Barnabas Fund to Christian Solidarity Worldwide and many others in a network that is able to immediately mobilize help for ongoing persecution with a weekly Roundtable meeting coordinating efforts worldwide.

In surprising comments to many, Maenza says “I have an open door to this Administration for many of the efforts we are involved with and have been impressed at the level of expertise as well as personal concern I have experienced in my interactions with them” giving some good news for the many concerned at the perceived lack of public support for persecuted Christians and others under the new administration.

Mr. Carlo Ganjeh, newly elected as well Secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance, at, the historic worldwide organization that since 1968 has represented Assyrians worldwide says “Nadine Maenza has been a tireless supporter not only for our people in the region, but for the many persecuted and it is an honor to be able to work with and support her efforts as she does ours”.

“I have been to Iraq countless times to assist the Assyrian Christians, Yazidis, and others as well as to Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Bahrain, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Taiwan to mention just a few, working, in particular since my appointment in 2018 to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom”.

Most recently USCIRF strongly condemned the Turkish bombing of indigenous Assyrians in their homeland in Northern Iraq as well as of those targeting the Yazidis in Sinjar. She has also been deeply involved with the situation in Afghanistan, both with rescues and urging the U.S. and other countries to resettle religious minorities.

The first Sunday of November is designated as the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church reminding believes that approximately 300 million Christians live under persecution with estimates of 10 martyred every day for their faith with a recent United Kingdom Government report that summarized that approximately 80% of all the persecuted in the world are Christians, with nearly 80% of the persecuted in Muslim nations with 56 members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation assisting Muslims enduring persecution, but only two nations - Poland and Hungary legally required to protect Christians worldwide.

A committed believer, Maenza asks the Church to pray for her, the efforts of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, and urges believers with their Churches to make prayer for and working on behalf of Persecuted believers, not just a once a year event, but to become involved personally. She is always available to speak at Churches, Schools and other events on behalf of the persecuted.

“In spite of the difficulties worldwide, I am encouraged by the growing awareness and expertise not only in Governments, but in the private sector and the growing movement to respond to and stop persecution as it develops worldwide”.

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