The CDC Issues Statement for Vaccinated People to Wear Masks Indoors

The CDC Issues Statement for Vaccinated People to Wear Masks Indoors

Unfortunately, the CDC’s message about masks is starting to echo the constantly changing advice of Dr. Flip-Flop Fauci! On Tuesday a top U.S. health agency altered its guidance, yet again, telling vaccinated people to now wear masks. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) passed this new recommendation following its recent science brief which indicates that “vaccinated people who contract the Delta variant have the same viral load, or amount of virus, as unvaccinated people, and that vaccinated people can transmit the variant.”

It’s no surprise that this new recommendation was released on the backdrop of a growing number of cases highlighting a number of vaccine side-effects which continue to raise some concerns about the safety of the vaccine. It should also be noted that there have been many reports sent to the CDC’s VAERs system of deaths after vaccinations which we still have yet to receive a clear explanation from the CDC about.

Yet, the CDC is now advising vaccinated people in areas with “substantial and high transmission” to wear masks in public, indoor settings. And did we mention: The CDC made this recommendation under the guise that it will help prevent the spread of the Delta variant without providing any scientific data to prove its claim! In our opinion, this smells like another political fish; straight from the swamp!


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